Cross Border Trucking Services

Trucking is still one of the largest and most efficient freight transportation methods available and FelTra is proud to offer its clients this service with passion, dedication and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We view South Africa as the gateway into Southern Africa and therefore have a long history of strategic alliances with truck owners in Southern Africa that we use to ensure deliveries from ports Southern Africa to inland destinations across the continent.

Our extensive network of vehicle fleet owners also service Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC and Mozambique.

We move consolidated cargo as well as full vehicles with a variety of options to suit your needs and cargo requirements.

We also have dedicated, nominated agents at each border destination who assist with the border clearing procedures required for each individual movement because we know that no two moves are the same.

If you need to transport your cargo it its destination safely, efficiently, cost effectively and within schedule, then look no further than FelTra’s trucking services.